About Us

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Independence Properties, LLC is a Family Owned Local Residential and Commercial Real Estate Solutions Company.  

Thank you for visiting and exploring how the team at Independence Properties can help you with your real estate needs!  We’ve gathered a unique team of real estate experts with over 100 years of combined industry experience. We’ve also made significant investments in systems, technology, and education to provide the highest level of services to our clients including buyers, sellers, home owners, multi-family commercial property owners and managers, and private lender investors.  We deliver exceptional service in the following areas:

Redevelopment Services – We’ll buy your house, in any condition! We specialize in buying and renovating properties and then selling or renting them out to retail buyers, landlords and tenants – providing creative solutions to the real estate needs of our clients and value for our private lender investors.

Residential Renovation & Remodeling Services – We can transform your home or living space to look just like the ones you see on TV or on our “Property Listings” pages!

Multi-Family Commercial Renovation & Remodeling – We provide a variety of interior and exterior services to owners and property managers of large multi-family buildings and apartment complexes.  By doing so, we can help maintain or upgrade their units and facilities to maximize rent rates and minimize vacancies.

Investor Services Learn the basics of “flipping houses” or participate in Independence Properties’ real estate redevelopment projects.

Give us a call today at 847-913-3630 and find out how we can help YOU!


Note: Independence Properties, LLC co-founder Lou Fernandez is an Illinois licensed real estate broker with Dreamtown Realty (Lic# 475.167731).  If you are interested in selling your home at retail for top dollar by listing it for sale with a licensed real estate broker, Lou can serve your needs.  Find out more at www.LouFernandez.com


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